My account is no longer registered. Where is it?

If an account is created and there is no activity for over 6 months, the account will be purged from our system. Your account will only be purged if you have not done any of the following:
  • Placed or received at least 1 order
  • Changed your username or a profile was merged into your username
  • Added at least 1 item to the catalog
  • Added at least 1 image small or large to the catalog
  • Added at least 1 inventory of an item to the catalog
  • Added at least 1 relationship to the catalog
  • Added at least 1 link to the links section
  • Added at least 1 inventory change request to the catalog
  • Added weight, dimensions or color code for at least 1 item in the catalog
  • Are an inventories verifier and verified at least 1 inventory
  • Sent any messages to other members through the contact form
  • Posted a message in our discussion forum and it is still there
  • Moved a discussion forum post and the message is still there
  • Are currently or have been before banned from Chat
 If you have done any of the above, your user profile including your personal information cannot be deleted from the system.
You can always register again with the same username. To avoid your account being purged again, you would just want to make sure you have some sort of activity tied to your account (any of the above stated actions would be sufficient).