How do I remove items from an order?

If a situation arises where one or more items in an order need to be removed from that order or quantity needs to be decreased then you can submit an Order Item Removal Request.
To do this, enter the order ID of the order to be changed and press the Edit Order button. On the next page, select if you want to delete a whole item or only decrease quantity. After you submit your request, your buyer or seller in that order will have an option to approve or deny that request.
You can see your submitted requests at any time on the Order Item Removal Request page in section "Order Item Removal Requests I Submitted". Above your requests submitted is a section titled "Order Item Removal Requests For Me To Approve". This section shows requests to remove items in orders which require your approval (or denial). Under column "Action", select to Approve or Deny the request from the selection menu by each request.
Your MyBrickLink page shows a count of requests pending your approval (if any) under the "My Action Items" column.