How do I send an invoice?

Once you receive an order, you want to enter the additional expenses or discounts through your My Orders Received page. Additional expenses can be things like shipping and handling, insurance or discounts. You then want to change the order status to "Ready". Next, visit the Invoice page through the Orders tab and enter the Order ID number. An alternate way of doing this is by clicking on the the 3rd document icon on your Orders Received page to send an invoice to your buyer. Here is the icon:
You can fully customize your invoice through text and basic macro tags. If you do not customize your invoice, the default invoice will be sent to your buyer with the invoice total but it will not tell them your designated PayPal address. You definitely need to enter the PayPal address where buyers can send payment in the line, "<COMMENTS>Please send a grand total of <DISPCURRENCYSIGN><DISPGRANDTOTAL> to (enter PayPal e-mail address here)</COMMENTS>".