I issued a partial refund. How do I get the seller fee adjusted?

If your buyer needs to return part of their order for whatever reason or you need to send a partial refund, you can get your seller fee for the order adjusted in one of two ways:
  • If the order has not been marked "Completed" yet:
You can file an Order Item Removal Request and get the buyer to approve it. This will remove the item(s) from the order and will automatically adjust the seller fee. You can check the fee charged to you for each order through the My Fees page. 
  • If the order has already been marked as "Complete":
Contact the Help Desk with the order number, the reason for the refund and a screenshot of the refund receipt. BrickLink Admin will have to manually issue a credit on your account for the difference which will be reflected on your next invoice. You will see the credit as CFW (credit for work) under the Credits section of your My Fees page. 

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